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I have tried the hop on hop off bus

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My Tip Top Time in KL

Hi everyone This time last week I was busting with excitement about to leave and now I’m back to reality again. This was a short five day trip, but oh so worth it. I took the opportunity to go to KL with my brother, his wife and their three children. This included my two teenage nieces who had never been there and love to shop. I have two boys, so mostly have to shop alone while they techno it up looking at things I have no interest in. Having three other girls to shop and coffee with was a real treat. It’s also nice to see places through the eyes of others who have never been I think it reminds you of what you love about it.

Rather than bore everyone with full details of canada goose factory outlet flights and things I thought I’d try to give you some useful info based on questions people regularly ask on the forum. Firstly the transfer I now book through this company to get a van/limo transfer. We seem to always need a van and they meet you with a canada goose outlet store sign with your name and charge a flat rate of 150MYR to Bukit Bintang. The location of the hotel is unbeatable. It was running at 95 100% capacity while we were there and is hugely popular. I have to mention here about how impressed we were with the staff at this hotel. I had booked two adjoining twin Queen rooms for the six of us (4 adults 2 children). Three days before we left one of my nieces had an emergency appendix operation and it was touch and go as to if she was going to come. I email the hotel to say that we may be a group of four or we may be six and mentioned why. When we arrived the Hotel Manager, Mr Ram, met us personally and we were escorted to our room. My niece was welcomed in the room with a cake and a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a get well message. This was so impressive and this level of service and care canada goose jacket outlet continued throughout our stay. Canada Goose Outlet I will do a full review for anyone who is interested, but had to say here how wonderful our stay at this hotel was on every level very impressive. The breakfast is fabulous. I have tried the hop on hop off bus, but find this wastes a lot of time. CK has a ten seater van and he drove us around the main city sites, stopping for as long as we wanted at each. This gave us all a good overview of the city. We stopped at Central Market for about an hour for a look around, morning tea and souvenirs. There is a fish spa here which is only 5MYR for 10 mins. Good if you want a quick try. CK dropped us to Times Square Shopping Centre where we managed to fill about 8 shopping bags between us in two hours. This place is HUGE. In two hours we had barely done one level of which there are many. Some of our group went to Cosmos Theme Park and had a game of ten pin bowling while we shopped.

It was then off to the Sky Bar for a relaxing few hours in official canada goose outlet a lounge table with that amazing view. You really feel like you are somewhere special here and we hit the jackpot with 80’s night. What better mix can there be than Spandau Ballet and the Sky Bar in one canada goose black friday sale place? Nothing I’d say! For those who are interested cocktails here around canada goose outlet nyc 25MYR and soft drinks 15MYR. There is a reasonable menu with light canada goose outlet online uk meals and plates to share many things around 25MYR. They also have a kids menu with meals for 15MYR.

Petaling Street canada goose outlet store uk Night Market seemed decidedly better than usual after a few cocktails. Good humor really is the key to surviving this place. I find so many of the stall holders so aggressive that it is difficult to be cheerful. We https://www.rkliedtke.de were after bags and after being told a number of ridiculous prices how refreshing was it to find Ben at stall number 50. There is a certain type of Prada bag that is all over the markets. It comes in a variety of colours and styles (black and tans). Ben’s stall has lots of this type of bag. Almost immediately he told us that every bag on his stall was between 45 and 65MYR. He didn’t have to do this but how much easier it made it when you know you don’t have to bargain down from 280MYR for something you already know the price of. It was a good approach and we ended up buying about six bags from him all for 50MYR each. If you want to find this gentle and canada goose outlet lovely man he is in the first section of the market where there are only two rows (one on each side) and about half way down on the right (as you walk into the market). His stall is market no 50 and he has a round smiling face.

Prices for some other things in Petaling Street Sunnies 15MYR, caps 13MYR, DVD’s 6MYR (most said 7MYR), Ties in boxes 15MYR, Adidas jackets child 35MYR, large size 45MY. Nikes 39MYR. Real Converse in fixed shop 65MYR, real leather wallets 35MYR.

The next day we did the shoe shops in Sungei Wang over while my brother took his son to Petrosains Science Centre at KLCC. They looked around there for over two hours and still didn’t see the whole place. In the afternoon we went for High Tea at KL (Menara) Tower Revolving Restaurant. On Sundays between 3.30pm and 5.30pm the High Tea costs 55MYR for those 12 and over and 28 MYR for a child. It is called High Tea but is really a full hot and cold and dessert buffet. Entrance to the observation deck is included. This usually costs 38MYR so it is not much more for the high tea. Request a window table when you book because really the food isn’t great, so it is all about the view.

The next day we went to The Pavilion to experience a half hour fish spa at Kenko (level 5). This costs 38MYR canada goose outlet online for those over 12 and half price for children half an hour. You can find cheaper canada goose uk shop fish spas but this one is fairly up market and you have a good view over BB while your feet get munched on. Even though I had done this before it still makes you feel like screaming when you first put your feet in some of the fish are so big here you feel like you should be throwing a line in. Lots of fun and a meal in the food court in the basement canada goose outlet jackets followed.

That afternoon we had hired CK again to take us to Kuala Selangor to see the monkeys and fire flies. CK drove us up to the light house and we spent some time feeding the monkeys (or hiding in the car from the monkeys depending on who we are talking about). We had dinner at the red chair (Boat Man) Chinese restaurant on the water. There was a beautiful cool breeze blowing and it was lovely sitting there with a beer watching the fishing village wind down for the day. Fabulous food as well huge meal for 6 of us was only 99MYR including seafood.

The fire flies did not disappoint. We went to the row boat place and hired two boats 40MYR per boat (4 people can fit). It was just breath taking sitting in that little boat in darkness and silence and rowing right up close to the fire flies. One of my nieces was so taken by this experience that half way through she whispered that this is where she wanted Canada Goose Parka to come for her honeymoon. how beautiful is that. My nephew was really taken with our driver CK and spent as much time as possible Canada Goose Coats On Sale following him around and asking him questions. He just loves driving families around and is wonderful with children. He just makes things Canada Goose Online so much easier.

Our last day and you guessed it for the girls it was all about the shopping. At one point my brother was heard to say ‘now this has gotten completely out of control!’ Of course the girls were completely in control at least in our minds we were. There were so many beautiful shoes flats, heels and wedges for around 30 40 MYR. It is very hard to resist. I also found some clothes this time as well lovely floaty tops in Times Square.

When canada goose outlet reviews I realized I was going to have to sit on my bag to shut it I had to get on line and up the AA baggage to 30kgs. Luckily I did because I was 3 kgs over. The family went on to Chiang Mai and I went to the LCCT airport to go home, all too soon. I decided to have a look canada goose outlet at the Plaza Premium lounge in departures this buy canada goose jacket time. It is 88MYR canada goose uk black friday for two hours. This includes an open fridge with beers, soft drinks, a food buffet, massage chair, internet and comfy chairs. After looking around I decided to just go to the Sportmans Bar next door instead. The PP lounge was empty and the food looked like it had been sitting there all day not very appetizing. A few duty free prices Bombay Sapphire 68MYR, Beefeaters Gin 55 MYR, Absolute Vodka 60MYR cheap canada goose (others around 60 68 for 1 ltr).

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