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Take the video oratorio “Where we lost our shadows,” by the Pulitzer Prize winning composer Du Yun now also known as the woman who wore the pompom dress to the Grammys and the Palestinian filmmaker Khaled Jarrar. It incorporates film Jarrar shot when accompanying a Syrian refugee family on a journey from Athens to Germany; Jarrar forged refugee documents to travel with them. With texts by the Palestinian poet Ghassan Zaqtan, the piece is also based on Pakistani raga, tracing its development its own migration, if you will from the 13th century to the present day.

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Hermes Replica Belt Grande, who has been open about how she has struggled with PTSD symptoms since the 2017 attack at her concert in Manchester, England, shared her brain scans Thursday in Instagram Stories. One photo showed what she said was a healthy brain compared to a brain with PTSD, and then she posted another image showing her own brain.”Hilarious and terrifying,” Grande wrote.She added the images were “not a joke.”A screenshot from Ariana Grande’s Instagram Stories post. (Ariana Grande/Ariana Grande)A representative for Grande could not immediately be reached for comment by The Washington Post.[Three seconds of silence, then a scream: How the Manchester suicide attack unfolded]PTSD is a mental health replica hermes sunglasses condition that can develop after a traumatic event, such as a mass shooting, and include symptoms ranging from flashbacks to the event, to nightmares, to severe anxiety and panic attacks, according to the Mayo Clinic.Doctors diagnose the disorder through a physical exam and psychological evaluation, Mayo said, and treatment typically involves certain types of psychotherapy.Susan Bookheimer, a professor of cognitive neuroscience at the University of California at Los Angeles’s medical school, said that low resolution scans like the one that Grande appeared to share cannot diagnose or show symptoms of PTSD.”If one studies a large group of individuals with PTSD and compares them with those without trauma using a much higher resolution brain scanning technique such as functional MRI at 3 Tesla, or possibly PET with a sensitive new radioligand, one may see brain differences at https://www.beltreplicahermes.com the group level,” she wrote in an email to The Post Hermes Replica Belt.

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