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Why? Because who wants to buy a book or listen to a speech

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Canada Goose Jackets “If an unmarried rich girl gets pregnant, she can even go to London to have an abortion.”He said the biggest issue was post miscarriage care. Citing an official report, he said more than 50 percent of married women visited hospitals for abortion: firstly, due to illiteracy and lack of sex education, they were not taught that spacing was necessary between births; secondly, because they had given birth to seven or eight children and felt their life was at risk; and thirdly, because sometimes the condom is ruptured.”In Iran genetic consultations with doctors and pre marriage counseling for three to four days is a must before a couple gets married,” Dr Syed said.Dr Samrina Hashmi, President PMA (Sindh), said the British laws enacted in 1876 prohibited abortion in the sub continent but in 1990 amendments to the law were made through the efforts of two eminent lawyersand abortion was allowed “under good canada goose decoys uk faith, under necessary treatment, and on certification of a doctor”.”Islamic laws too clearly say a woman can go for abortion until “ensoulment” (120 days),” Dr Hashmi said.She said all Islamic sects agreed that if there was some congenital problem in the foetus or a woman’s or child’s health was at risk or the mother had a mental health problem she could go for abortion. Some sects say that it be conducted within 40 days of pregnancy, others say it should be conducted before 100 days.”The law and different Islamic Fiqah agree that if a doctor thinks abortion is necessary for mother’s or child’s health and is being conducted under necessary treatment and in good faith it can be carried out,” Dr Hashmi added.”In Pakistan, a majority of women, mostly 30 and above, go for abortion as a means of family planning,” she said Canada Goose Jackets.

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